Bicycle road in Holsworthy: Town hall meeting of the CDU

Day: Tue, 26. Feb 2019
Time of day: 18:00 (7 pm) - 21:00 (7 pm)
Place: Eiscafe Tosca - Gemarkenstraße 62 - Essen

the CDU Ortverband Holsterhausen invites to:

Public town hall meeting on the topic “bike street”
on Tuesday, 26.02.2019, from 19 PM to Eiscafe Tosca, Gemarkenstraße 62, 45147 Essen,

to discuss, whether the Gemarkenstraße and other roads in Holsworthy will be established as a bicycle road.

Quote from the invitation:

Together we want to discuss:

What would be the establishment of a bicycle road rules for
the Gemarkensztraße and the other affected roads in

Fallen parking off?

Ergben to negative consequences for the Gemarkenstraße as
Shopping street holster Stockhausen or would essentially do
change anything?

Are there alternatives to the planned route?

How can the Gemarkenstraße overall upgraded?


As many as possible should have their say, Many mögichst their perspectives
can bring.

We want to listen, reflect together, develop ideas

SR-Holsterhausen, Dr.. Andreas Kalipke, Chairman

Getting there:

Public transport arrival:
  • Timetable of VRR
  • DB timetable information

  • or by bike

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