25 Annual Round Table Environment Food – Documentation of sustainable urban development yesterday, today and tomorrow

Bet many decades are engaged citizens in Essen for a healthy environment, nature conservation and sustainable development of our city on the move – 2019 now 25 Years under the loose umbrella of the Round table eating environment (RUTE) in the variety of associations, Associations and initiatives.

This anniversary, we took the opportunity, create both a look back, the possibility to offer as well as affiliated groups, their work- and view compressed display.

but let us cast also look to the future: To content and expertise of our volunteer work on a wide, to provide understandable basis, do we have “in a first service” tries, the the United Nations sustainability goals (Agenda2030), die inzwischen sowohl auf Bundes- als auch NRW-Landesebene adaptiert werden, break down to our local level – as a guide and an incentive for further activities. Dass wir damit auf der Höhe der Zeit liegen zeigt die Tatsache, dass Oberbürgermeister Kufen in Nijmegen kürzlich den Aufruf Call For Action (Aufruf zum Tätigwerden zur Nachhaltigkeit in Kommunen) unterzeichnet und außerdem die Stelle eines Koordinators für Kommunale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit eingerichtet hat…

The brochure is available in printed form at the connected groups or in traffic- und Umweltzentrum VUZ als auch hier zum Download im pdf-Format (that. 5MB).

The editorial team overreactions both substantive and perspective kind would be very happy … z.B. an die Mailadresse .


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