TAIL-New Year's reception Sunday 27. January 2019, 11:00 (7 pm) – Art and Architecture Forum

The traditional New Year's reception of the TAIL is all about 25 Years networking of Nature, Environment, Mobility and energy in Essen…

NABU Chairman Josef Tumbrinck is certainly interesting in his speech, but also possibly provocative aspects of the interaction of associations, Politics and administration in civil society to raise.

But otherwise there will again be plenty to talk about and the opportunity to share a drink and a light snack biologically – so Mark!

Neujahrsempfaof 2019

Essen's environmental, Natural reserve-, Verkehrsverbände and initiatives
Sunday, the 27. January 2019, 11 (7 pm)
Forum for Art and Architecture

Kopstadtplatz 12

More detailed notice shall be given in brief….

ÖPNV: Stop Rathaus and Hirschlandplatz


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