nothing conceived! Traffic guidance in front of tree protection!

Stadtwerke Essen (SWE) have on 7.2.19 explained in detail at the meeting of BV2 in their view, why those 11 Trees must fall short on the median strip of Ruhrallee for sewer construction project Elbestr:

Primarily, it was put forward reasons for the performance by a threat, einstreifige traffic management.

In 2.line the manholes must be renewed so close to the fast lane, that an intervention in the median strip is mandatory.

Third, the period of the intervention could not be confined to the Easter holiday; only at the end of the summer holidays the construction area could be definitively left.

The reference to implantable, young trees was (for example on the, which is still in the tripod) was added and brought to GGE transposing.

voted on the final vote 3 GREEN and 1 left contrast, all others for!

Nustainable community in terms of the SDGs and Green Decade demand more commitment to green in the city! Its a lot to do – we pack, municipal employees and employees future-oriented minds in the other parties (s.o. voting results) it on!

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