RUTE-Website: Not just the home page !

The Tail of the website provides the latest information about the environment, Conservation, Urban development and sustainable Mobililtät in food. Therefore make contributions, are then displayed on the home page and on the left also listed again historically, facts are, which i.d.R. directly related to our city.

Often there are also info, which may also be of interest to us Essen citizens, may also give inspiration for the local work and might open up new perspectives. There is great danger, that the site is unüberischtlich with their info-flood in our fast-moving times, if regional things end up on the home page. And that's not exactly the point of this site…

but they should not be lost, when they reach the Web Editor. Although not always enough volunteer time available and so not every link or very irregular lands there: A look at “Links&Hints” worth every now and then …


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