TAIL supported Friday's student demonstrations on climate change

Greta Thunberg is the young, 16year-old protagonist of the completely legitimate protests children and young people on climate change.

have so starting young people like in the 60s / 70s, to ask their parents and grandparents: “How could the Nazis and let their mass murders?” and has developed from a sustainable critical attitude towards the German past – and even no bird shit! – finally also in demand by the young generation today:

How can register their current decision-makers, that targets the jointly decided, the man-made global global warming, verusacht by CO2 emissions, other greenhouse gases and the destruction of nature, simply be thrown overboard and sacrificed purely economic interests? We children and young people will have to massively suffer the consequences …

The Speech by Greta at the climate conference in Katowice is to follow here as a video or. read as documentary.

in an effort, to take their own future in hand and to put the policy under public pressure, the agreed climate targets of the Paris Agreement and comply with the appropriate measures or. implement, the TAIL also supports Essen pupils, if they Fridays, so also on the witness issue day 8. February 2019 (!) demonstrate…

Friday, 8.2.19, 12-14 (7 pm) by Willy-Brandt-Platz to City Hall

the NAJU z.B. making for weeks and shall take around 11.45 Pm on the DB-information point at the Essen main station.

How it will look in the coming Fridays, you may learn the following links or ask for when NAJU…:

fridays for future

Greta Thunberg on Twitter

Wikipedia article about Greta Thunberg

Diskussion bei Dunja dream – from 20:50

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