No incinerator in Econova grounds!

The current damage case with RWE Müllheizkraftwerk Karnap and the laborious information policy of companies and authorities shows: In such technical equipment malfunctions occur repeatedly, that may pose a danger to the public. And the north of Essen has always enough Emittenden! (Photo cogeneration plant: Thomas Netsch, wikipedia public domain)

So it seems absurd, to want to take so close to inhabited areas, another incinerator in operation, as it now Ago. Harmuth again plans – taken a hazardous waste incineration with more than twice the capacity than years ago in attack.

Rightly SPD and Greens reject the BV this project from! Here information to…

2019-01-29 Vorlage_0061-2019-6A

2019-02-12 Antrag_BV_IV_0135-2019-SPD-Green

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