Green Capital: 25% Radanteil in Essen? – Berlin want 30% and make constructive suggestions…

Proposals of the initiative for a Berlin Radgesetz – Those:

Many small and large proposals have Essenes citizens for 2017 made and beyond in the context of the European Green Capital.

With a certain skepticism, TAIL groups but ask, how the objectives are to be achieved in terms of sustainable transport. From far and lean stagnant for several years 5% Bicycle share in the modal split in Essen are – As announced when applying the "Green Capital" and confirmed by the Council! - until the year 2020 on 11% and up year 2035 on 25% become. But how? So far, not much has come to take effect translucent proposals in the public.

Here comes the Berlin Initiative to “Berlin Radgesetz” just right! 30% Cycling are the goal in downtown – and were it 10 formulated objectives:

  1. Two-meter wide bike paths on each main road, of the bus separated.
  2. conversion of 350 km road bike roads, where cyclists priority
    to have, to 2025
  3. 100 km intersection-free Radschnellwege on commuter routes
  4. "Green Wave" for cyclists at least 50 road sections
  5. Per year 75 make intersections safer
  6. online registration office for defects of cycle paths
  7. 200.000 new bicycle parking, especially on S- and metro stations
  8. a police bike season to punish illegal parking on the bike path,
    but also against sidewalk cyclists; to a special commission to investigate
    of bicycle thefts
  9. more staff and a specialized area for cycling in the city administration
  10. Targeted campaigns to increase cycling

Some items are even provided in Essen in the works. But RS1 alone, but otherwise more stagnation than progress, especially as the personnel situation with half a cycling coordinator and still a priority policy for the car to hope little and appear a Green Capital little justice – here must pass more!


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