opened shop for urban transformation in Holsworthy

A place to turn ideas of sustainable change and to communicate among themselves it should be, the neighborhood store for Holsworthy – a great combination of social, environmental and economic ideas in the spirit of the Rio Agenda of the year 1992 and the United Nations current SDGs.

The idea ferments long been under assets. At the Parking Day of the Green Capital year 2017 seemed to have much in the bag. But such a project does not develop by itself. Many aspects must be reconciled: premises, financing, Spouses and partners, care, support, supply structure ….

Now it's done. Since the 7.12.18 offers Holsterhauser “Shop for Stadtwandel” on the Germarkenstraße 72 integrative offers for Sustainable Living in the city and uncommercial space for people in the neighborhood. Is not without controversy here is the promotion by innogy, the offshoot of coal Stromer and Hambach-Abholzer RWE But the Green Capital was supported by innogy. As long as you can stay content independent and not constantly running around as an advertising medium. …

Specifically, there is the store second-hand clothes, a cargo bike can be rented, the neighborhood can use the premises for the exchange – and that should be just the beginning: Initiative of the people, who are interested in sustainable change, is desirable…

The TAIL congratulates the professional business people very much and wishes every success!

Information on the Facebook page of Trade Business


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