pilot “Green arrow only for cyclists” – not in Essen!

Damage – Food is not there: In nine German cities, the introduction of a green arrow should only be tested for cyclists. in Bamberg, Darmstadt, Leipzig, Munich, Reutlingen, Stuttgart and in NRW Dusseldorf, Cologne and Munster will be cyclists and cyclists ttestweise right turn at red light are made possible, as the Federal Highway Research Institute announced.

In 2020 to be decided on the basis of the experience gained, whether the Highway Code and the requirements in the relevant General Administrative Regulations (VWV-StVO) be adjusted accordingly.

The next letter from eternal whiners thus seems inevitable, from the closed doors out permanently rant against bicycle roads, instead of organizing themselves into groups for sustainable mobility and engarieren…

Further information on the Green Arrow cyclists here on the ADFC page

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